Stinz #2


Donna Barr, M. Eisman

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 48

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Stinz is the story of a centaur, although he’d prefer it if you called him a Half-horse. Stinz is a big blond stallion, black as night on the hair end, whose excellent animal instincts and fine human brain too often cancel each other out. In a series that follows his life from clumsy colt and accidental soldier to legendary war hero and mayor of his small home town, Stinz never fails to be in the middle of his world’s events. It’s not OUR world, but what difference does that make?

“Women and Wolves.” This episode collects early Fantagraphics and Eclipse stories about Stinz’s relationships with two of the most dangerous species in his world. These aren’t your Red Riding Hood seducers; these are a bunch of rejected bachelor woofs, wandering around trying to find something to eat — and a place to party. But they’re nothing compared to what our black stallion has to do to get on the good side of the spunky chestnut filly, Bruena. The wolves console themselves by teaming up with Stinz’s moonshining uncle. They’re joined by a wolf that even Woofs look down on, and truly isn’t want he seems.

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