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Radar Rangers #4


Michael Wolfgang Weaver

Standard Comic: Black & White
Cover Type: Color Outsides / Black & White Insides
Page Count: 24

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What It's About

Bangledang, finds Angst and Zegg returning to Languish 12, to find Q.E.D. and Attaboy Spongheaver reintegrated, but enslaved by the true villain, Baron Parsnip. He has used his Conjecturetron to make A.S. the heart of the planet, and aid it in its quest to supplant Galaxy Central. Angst and Zegg are captured by Baron Parsnip, but escape and set about righting the brain of Attaboy Spongheaver so that the ship might throw off the shackles of the Conjecturetron, and save the real Galaxy Central from destruction.

The Parsnip Saga is a four-issue epic following the exploits of Radar Rangers Angst and Zegg, in the year 2212 G.R., as they endeavor to save Galaxy Central from the strange creature that may or may not be known as the Wranglefang.

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