JG Nai, J. William Myers

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 44

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Meet Jim Gambol. At one time a first rate trader, he’s fallen on hard times, selling second rate DNA to third rate tailors. But things are about to get far worse. Hiding from headhunters and avoiding the thousand ways to die in the Burn are child’s play compared to the menace that awaits him. Meanwhile, Jobeam, another trader, can’t afford feed for his mutant horse, so it’s back to “running” the Burn, prospecting for DNA. There, he comes face to face with the reality of the wastelands: DNA can be hard to find but Death is not, and survival is a luxury that few traders can afford for long.

Welcome to the Future! The Big Bosses destroyed ninety percent of Earth, leaving a scarred desolation called the Burn. Most life on Earth joined the dinosaurs and the dodos – in extinction. Humanity huddles inside of the Dome Cities, hoping for salvation – expecting damnation. Outcast gene traders risk death to “run” the Burn, prospecting for DNA from extinct species. Genetic tailors buy commercially viable samples, reweaving lost plants and animals from bits of genetic fabric. But can a group of outcasts like the traders tip the balance in favor of survival? Only a fool would bet on them – except that there’s no other option. Unless, of course, you consider Gezlinger’s Knot!

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