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Long out of print, David Yurkovich's acclaimed graphic novel The SHOP (Super-Heroes of Philadelphia) returns via IndyPlanet. Re-edited, remastered, and presented in full-colour for the first time, the SHOP is the definitive version of Yurkovich's introspective super-hero universe.

David Yurkovich

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 132

What It's About

When an innocent bystander is killed during a routine super-human altercation, the independent heroes known as Threshold fall under public scrutiny. Soon the Philadelphia-based team loses its independent status and Threshold is retooled as The SHOP. And that's where their troubles begin. Digitally remastered and in full-colour for the first time, David Yurkovich's The SHOP chronicles the final chapter in the lives of Philadelphia's cult super-heroes.


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