Sluggy Freelance Book 08


Fire and Rain

Pete Abrams

Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 128

What It's About

Sluggy Freelance is an immensely popular, daily, and primarily humorous webcomic that can be difficult to pin down. August 25th, 1997 Torg and Riff decided to spam Satan. And after such auspicious beginnings, and with an eye towards bigger, expanding stories, we find ourselves with over a decade of aliens, vampires, missile launchers, and a rabbit with a switchblade. Thousands of remarkably twisted jokes and plots later it is still running strong. “Sluggy Freelance is best known for its witty, character driven humor. However, the true test of a writer is in how well they can switch genres and still keep the players true to their established personas. In the Fire & Rain story arc, Pete has done this extraordinarily well, taking the simple humorous characters we know down a darker path that reveals the master storyteller that has long lurked behind the goofy facade. Definitely a high point in the Sluggy Freelance series.” -Phil Foglio- Studio Foglio
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