Rainbow In The Dark Vol. 2

Comfort Love,Adam Withers

Standard Sized Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 108

SKU: 1903_72909_09

Donna White was an ordinary girl in a gray world until a band of brightly-colored rebels swept her up in their fight against the monsters that secretly controlled all living things. Together they freed her city from the Gloom – but that was only the beginning. Now the gunslinging freedom-fighters have to become peacemakers, building community in the city even as those afraid of change yearn for a way back into the Gloom. All the while, Donna”s own family is falling apart from within and the enemy at the gates threatens to destroy everything they”ve struggled for.

Rainbow in the Dark is a fairy tale about real things. It”s true, even if none of it ever happened or ever will. It”s the story of a girl who always felt like she didn”t fit in her world who finds out she was right – and that she was never supposed to fit in at all.


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