Amphoman #4


Mike Kaye

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 8

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What It's About

Gems continue falling from the sky. AmphoMan is trapped in the Black Bull’s Underground Lab. Chaos has unearthed it’s ugly face again. Beware of the beauty — for she’ll break your spirit. First appearance of the Shadow Witch.

King Trell of Guiba uses an ancient transforming machine to turn people into Gems — which he in turn sells to unsuspecting buyers. One day planet Guiba is destroyed by a meteor and the Gems disperse throughout the Universe. Centuries later they begin making their way to Earth. Dr. Ulrius Joules discovers one of them. A Green Gem fuses to him and gives him superhuman abilities — when the Trigger Event is satisfied. He soon finds he is not alone. Other Gems begin falling to Earth. Those that discover them are fused with the souls encapsulated in the Gems. Each Gem’s Trigger Event unleashes powers like never before. Can AmphoMan protect the Earth and help those that fall victim to the power of the Gems?

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