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Pickman’s Model Pocket Edition


H.P. Lovecraft, Kim Holm
Cover by Robert Høyem

Order 5 copies or more and get 25% off on this book! Great deal for re-sellers! (Discount shows up at checkout.)

Order 5 copies or more and get 25% off on this book!
Great deal for re-sellers!
(Discount shows up at checkout.)

What It's About

“Richard Upton Pickman, the greatest artist I have ever known and the foulest being that ever leaped the bounds of life into the pits of myth and madness” Pickman, painter of grotesque masterpieces too horrible to imagine, disappears without a trace. His last friend among the living recounts their fateful trip to Pickman’s secret studio in Bostonâs run-down North End. In his classic tale “Pickman’s Model”, grand master and grandfather of the modern horror-tale H.P. Lovecraft let his characters delve into the darkest nature of weird art. Though faithful to both Lovecraft’s text and spirit, cartoonist Kim Holm’s art argues for a vastly different take on horrific art. In grim brush-strokes and ink-spatters, the art dissolves from cartoony realism into nightmarish expressionism as Pickman leads the unknowing art-lover down into his cellar studio, down into the depths of horror.


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