Holon Vol. 1


Joachim Lipski

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 222

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What It's About

This volume collects the first four chapters of the award-winning webcomic, along with their “Tales from the Intergalactic Railway” back-up stories, plus previously unpublished material. In 3013, mankind has been driven to the edge of extinction in an intergalactic war. The lifeline of their endangered civilization are HOLONs, space stations established to harvest omnipotent and extremely destructive particles. On one abandoned station, researcher Kel makes a discovery that is bound to decide mankind’s fate… “A visual symphony in black, white, and grey. Epic in scale and scope, yet presented it in a way that is accessible and engaging from the first panel to the last. Wonderful, wonderful work.” Eric Lamont, writer/artist (“Legacy Hero Comics”) “A great display of competence and raw talent. A joy to read!” Michael Greczek, writer/artist (“Fantastic Tales”)
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