Rainbow In The Dark #7

Comfort Love,Adam Withers

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

SKU: 1903_80059_01

Having lost nearly everything, the survivors of the fallen city wander the woods in search of a new home. Luke lies in a coma, Donna struggles with an unknown power, and Jane and Becky are prisoners of the Veratu, where being returned to the Gloom has become a much more deadly process than before. Learn the origin of the Cleaners, see how the rest of the world has fared under the Gloom, and discover a dark secret of the Veratu as the final act of the saga begins!

Rainbow in the Dark is a fairy tale about real things. It”s true, even if none of it ever happened or ever will. It”s the story of a girl who always felt like she didn”t fit in her world who finds out she was right – and that she was never supposed to fit in at all.


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