The 10%+ Addendum


Zachary Braun

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 180

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An addendum to the tale of 10%+. In the original story, a student of animal society’s prestigious institution towards human development clashed with his former tutor over basic human rights. The shockwaves of that clash warped the existing fabric of society into a legislative revolution. Now, years later, his friend is given a choice to carry on the spirit of his greatest work. This addendum collects two possible outcomes to the original story’s plot, as well as a compendium of all of the martial arts styles used to this point.

Nature of Nature’s Art chronicles the struggle of developing a coordinate society under the patronage and leadership of animals. Deep in the uncivilized world, before history… Animals were nothing but animals. Abandoned in these dark woods, an ape-man seeks to defend himself from this primeval force, armed with the philosophical teachings of his former caretakers. Now, realizing the power of society, the animals band together and develop a potent culture around the scaffolding of civilization, the dread force Art. What is it? And where will it take them?

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