Floating Bunnyhead Bonus Levels Collection #1


Jonathan Sims, Ryan Bentzinger, Kelly Bean

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 20

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Floating BunnyHead stars a quartet of eccentric cartoon characters with an uncanny knack for making new enemies wherever they go. Stay tuned as they battle everything from space aliens to angry undersea gods.

What”s blue and pink and green and orange and yellow and green and pink and turquoise? It”s those four weirdos on the cover of this book of course! Man, I can”t believe you didn”t get that. Did you even look at the cover before opening this book? Well anyway, the rest of this book is devoid of those colors. Bonus Levels are short web comics featuring FBH and friends in crazy mini adventures that take place between issues of the Floating BunnyHead comic book. Those strips have been collected in this volume. The first five bonus levels were posted free online at floatingbunnyhead.com from September to October 2012. The sixth bonus level was made just for you.

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