10%+ Vol. 1


Zachary Braun

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 220

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In this volume, we meet the graduation-challenged Meander and his classmate Quintet as they struggle to earn enough credit in their final season of attendance to the College, a prestigious institution where citizens of society may develop worthwhile art. As Meander is tasked with creating a thesis, his teacher formulates an extracurricular plan of his own to help society.

Nature of Nature’s Art chronicles the struggle of developing a coordinate society under the patronage and leadership of animals. Deep in the uncivilized world, before history… Animals were nothing but animals. Abandoned in these dark woods, an ape-man seeks to defend himself from this primeval force, armed with the philosophical teachings of his former caretakers. Now, realizing the power of society, the animals band together and develop a potent culture around the scaffolding of civilization, the dread force Art. What is it? And where will it take them? Over 100 years have passed since the founding of society, and in the year 2108, its prosperous tendrils reach far to the west in search of a new frontier. It is here that society establishes a new base for itself, nestled among swampy badlands and sprawling deserts rich with wild animals. But resources run thin this far away from society’s eastern source, and one man seeks to turn a wild nuisance into a boon. His student, of wild descent, is not so keen on his proposition, and when they clash, the whole of society offers up an overdue debt of attention. Now something new grows in the desert… a definition beyond wild and civilized, shooting to the core of identity that all animals in the world carry. 10%+ is a story in which we finally pay attention to the student Meander and his art.

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