Death Trip #1


Kenny Keil

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 16

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Meet Dominic Green: a slick talking, hard living death agent whose job is starting to take its toll on him. Between spending his days immersed in a virtual reality tank (and his nights in a druggy haze) Dominic”s on the fast track to a huge promotion – as well as a nervous breakdown. He”s just hoping that the promotion comes first.

Welcome to the future. A hedonistic utopia where you can live to be 200 and never look a day over 40. As it turns out, living to be 200 can get pretty tedious. So when people do finally check out, they don’t just die. They take a Death Trip; a virtual-reality assisted suicide in which you live out your wildest death wish. Yes, the future is a pretty cool place. Unless you’re Dominic Green, an ambitious death agent who’s just stumbled into a murder mystery that may or may not be a figment of his own imagination. Death Trip is a sci-fi dark comedy about a guy reluctantly trying to crack a case before it cracks him.

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