Hackers Of Fate #1

Simon Petersen,Agnete Hjerl

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 36

SKU: 10337_91091_02

The year is 1999. The far future… “Hackers of Fate” is a rainy, dark cyber punk homage, which will take you right back to the atmosphere of movies like “Blade Runner”, “Hackers” and “Johnny Mnemonic” or role playing games such as “Shadowrun”….

Get ready to hit the streets with our nameless cyber surfer and his mysterious femme fatale, as they start hacking for freedom against the dictatorial mega corporation “New Sun”. Join them in the neon-lit back alleys and on the information superhighway. Meet the street samurai, the corporate cops and the rebel hackers. And wear a trench coat, I hear it”s gonna rain. The future of 1999…is now!


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