Sham Comics #3


Tim Fuller

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

What It's About

The third big issue of this phony Golden Age comic has arrived! Tim Fuller takes more public domain comics from the forties and fifties and rewrites them as post-modern tales of satire. This time out, the anthology issue stars “Skunky McGee” the smelliest private eye ever, in “The Strange Case of the Lethal Sleepover.” Several short horror and sci-fi tales are included, such as “The Girl of my Screams,” “Hilda Hogthrottle’;s Haunted Honeymoon,” and “The Planet of the Pooches.” The issue also features the epic story of “Conad the Aryan Barbarian” as he goosesteps across the ancient world. Rounding out the issue are some new ads for old products, like the Gahoon, government surplus Body Bags, the Buck Wilde Bully-in-a-Minute Method and live animals through the mail. It’s a blast from the past for the mature reader.

SHAM Comics-Golden Age “Classics” Put Through the Blender! Did you ever wonder what happens when copyrights run out? In this case, it means an irreverent cartoonist, Tim Fuller, can take public domain funny books from the 40s and 50s and rewrite them with hilarious results.

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