The Deadlys Vol 5


Long forgotten people and events from the past shake up Necroblivion™ like never before! Jack comes face-to-face with two people he never thought he’d see again. Meanwhile, Elizabeth comes to terms with a mistake made long ago. We peer back in time to Jack’s battle with Elizabeth’s father for her hand in marriage and the Lazarus family finally welcomes a long overdue member to the family.

Chris M. Cantrell

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 96

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What It's About

Ever wonder what monsters and ghouls do when they”re not haunting and hunting mortals? As it turns out, they live surprisingly suburban lives. Meet The Deadlys™ – One such family that lives in the realm of Necroblivion™. There is Jack the serial killer father, Elizabeth the vampire mother and their daughter Morgan. Together with their friends and neighbors, they show the side of monsters that mortals rarely get to see.

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