Toan Nation #1


In the beginning, there was Toan–and RJ, kind of. Out to fix the racial divides present in the world, Toan decides to create a cloning machine to repopulate the world with his racially ambiguous army. Will RJ be able to stave off waves of stupidity as he tries to council Toan in his crazy idea?

Toan Nguyen

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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What It's About

After realizing that the world is full of racial tensions, Toan sets out to fix the world the best way he knows how– cloning himself a bunch, getting an island in the middle of nowhere, and creating a new nation. Follow Toan, RJ, Toan, Caelyn, Toan, Toan, Josh and many more as they try to make a semi-functioning civilization out of Toan Nation.

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