Treasure Hunter Volume #1


Freedom, forgiveness, trust, and one’s understanding of their own self-worth. Tatius must understand after being freed from slavery that not everyone will not die from his curse and that people want him in their lives. If he takes those first few steps, it will allow him to go on incredible adventures.

Mariano J Perez

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 96

What It's About

The story of Treasure Hunter takes place in the world of Terra where there reside many people with powers beyond their own understanding. There are wars, bloodshed, and hierarchies that make this world unfair to its people. Tatius Ra-Mura is one of these people where he will try to understand himself as a person and as an individual. Along the way, he will meet people and lose people that he loves and loved. People will give him great happiness but also great pain. It will be his own self-journey where he will try to understand his world and along the way make it better.

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