World Of Doom Legacy Of Destruction


Terry Allen Reece,Larry Ryan

Magazine Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 118

What It's About

Whenever Such a Looming Legacy of Destructive patterns, made itself known to the Patrols, called (c)Badaliens, it was reported back to the (c)Cypress Guardian Keepers, who decided which Powerful Force or Forces to send to that Planet, to either “Cleanse the Planet of the Destructive elements, or Destroy that Planet, so that the rest of that Galaxy would not become contaminated, or inhabited by the destructive people or groups of evilness. The (c)Cypress Guardian Keepers, decided to dispatch their forces from the Galaxy of (c)Skrulltex; called (c)Scrapers. The (c)Scrapers did just as their namesake suggests: They Scrape the defective planet Clean of whatever dirty elements, causing the threats; even if that means “Scraping” away all of the inhabitants, of that planet. Preserving the Universe is Always of the Higher and More Greater Powerful Good! Within the Sci-Fi, Futuristic (c)REECENETRICS(tm) WORLD: The Period of 2070-3060; During the decades of the Planet (c)Rhythm-ax’s own looming destruction, heading towards Global Warming, perhaps causing the end of the world, as people have known it, Certain evil forces, were content to keep reconstructing lies and deceptions to the citizens, until, within a far away Galaxy; Scout Patrols picked up on the growing dangerous waves of deadly heat and sun rays that would ensure the end of the Planet. In that Far away Galaxy, on a Planet called (c)Cypress, The Scout Patrols named (c)Badaliens (pronounced Bad Aliens), had been always commissioned with the duties of Care-keepers’ Scouts. The (c)Badaliens observed many, many Galaxies, and patrolled the Far-reaching stars, and skies, to look for any certain Planets that were becoming a destructive presence, within the intergalactic realms of the Universe.
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