Wulf and Batsy Vol 3


Magnum Orgus

After years of wandering the earth, Wulf and Batsy have finally found a home, in an idyllic rural village. But their cozy new hometown has a dark history of spiritual warfare. Although the local church has held strong for decades, a cult of demon-worshippers is rising to prominence. And Wulf and Batsy are caught in the middle.

Bryan Baugh
Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 272

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What It's About

VOLUME 3: MAGNUM ORGUS begins a new epic storyline in the adventures of Wulf and Batsy. In a conflict between the sacred and the profane, where will two stubbornly neutral monsters fall? This 272 page volume forms the first half of Magnum Orgus, a graphic novel so big it took two books to tell it! Concluded in Wulf and Batsy Volume 4. WARNING: Not safe for sensitive readers or social justice warriors. Magnum Orgus contains Exploitative Content and Politically Incorrect themes. Brimming with old-fashioned horror tropes, graphic violence, religious themes, and mischievous sexual innuendo. There is something in this massive 2-part story to offend everyone. Order with caution!

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