Yití: El Rey De Los Perros #1


Spanish Language

Yití leaves his house alone for the first time and discovers that the street is not what he thought.

Omar Joel Camacho

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

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What It's About

A dog with airs of greatness. Yití is a misunderstood man who is entertained by eating lizards, talking to cats, taxiing cats, and marking his territory. For as in his mind he is the king … he must make it clear, very clear that in every post of the city. He does not know the hard side of the world (they do not let him out much) and he does not know many dangers. He does not know the street and its traps. Thanks to Vivo the lion (owner of Yití) and Yayo (brother of Vivo) this dog has more privileges than a mayor.

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